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WTIA offers regional information to help you get to know our area better. We have a variety of reports that we can forward to you or we can provide custom information that fits your needs.

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Environmental Issues

The following has been excerpted from the Manufacturers' Handbook on Environmental Issues produced by Tennessee Valley Authority, Manufacturing Development Staff, Water Resources Division, Environmental Quality Staff, Environmental Education Section; Dick Harrison, editor.


Who needs to be concerned about environmental permits?

All businesses, no matter how small or large, need to be aware of environmental permitting requirements. Many different situations may require a business to secure an environmental permit. You probably need one or more environmental permits if your business:

  1. creates solid wastes or trash
  2. releases emissions into the air or water through normal production
  3. uses hazardous materials or generates hazardous waste
  4. transports hazardous materials or hazardous waste
  5. operates equipment that may release such pollution, such as diesel engines
  6. is planning an expansion
  7. has buildings or property with storm-water runoff
  8. is considering producing a new substance
  9. uses pesticides or fertilizers
  10. changes the appearance or function of land or water (such as logging operations)
  11. stores or uses petroleum products
  12. is located on a waterfront or river
  13. uses drinking water from a source other than a public drinking water supply
  14. withdraws water from the ground or from a stream
  15. affects the habitat of an endangered species.

Even if a permit is not required for your business to release certain emissions, you are still required to comply with emission standards and may be required to report the levels of emissions. And although a permit may not be required, there can be severe penalties for not complying with other requirements.

How many different kinds of permits are there? 

There are many different kinds of permits, particularly if state and local permits are taken into consideration. Many federal regulations require permits. These include:

The Clean Water Act (CWA). This act was created to protect all U.S. surface waters for designated consumption, recreational, ecological and commercial uses. The CWA requires on-site controls and precautions for preventing spills and leaks of oil and other contaminants from reaching streams or rivers. In-stream construction of any kind requires a permit under the CWA. The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) is the permitting process under CWA. No one may discharge pollutants of any kind into surface waters without an NPDES permit.

The Clean Air Act (CAA). Under CAA, National Ambient Air Quality Standards have been established for six pollutants; particulates, sulfur oxides, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, ozone and lead. The federal government sets ambient as well as emission standards, and states establish regulations to restrict emissions and grant permits to companies which meet the regulations.

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). This act regulates storage, transportation and disposal of hazardous wastes; the storage of non-hazardous solid wastes; and underground storage tanks used for chemicals or petroleum products. It also requires companies which generate more than 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of waste during any month to notify EPA or the state regarding how it is being managed, and requires "cradle to grave"tracking of wastes.

The Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA). SARA was created to increase the public's access to information about hazardous chemicals and to require businesses which use hazardous chemicals to devise plans for responding quickly in the case of an accident. SARA requires companies which release emissions beyond a threshold level to report their emissions to the EPA.

The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). TSCA requires that the EPA be notified of any new chemical prior to its release to the marketplace, and gives EPA the authority to regulate production of materials considered hazardous.

The Endangered Species Act (ESA). ESA is intended to protect, conserve and enhance the existence of endangered and threatened species and their habitats.

The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). This act regulates the manufacture, distribution and the use of pesticides.

The Hazardous Materials Transportation Act (HMTA). This act requires the labeling of hazardous materials, the use of manifests for tracking shipments of hazardous materials and the use of special containers for transporting these materials.

The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). This act requires that all "public"water systems - including private in-plant facilities - which serve twenty-five or more people meet federal drinking water regulations, and specifies treatment system operator qualifications.

Where do I apply for permits?

The place to start applying for a permit is your state's environmental agency or department of conservation. If you need other permits, this agency can direct you to the appropriate organizations. Some states have one-stop permitting that allows companies to get advice about all the types of permits they need at one location. EPA can also provide guidance through its regional offices. These are listed in local phone directories.

Industry trade associations can be another good source for information on where to apply for permits. Trade associations can be excellent clearinghouses for information about environmental matters affecting a particular industry, and the experiences of one business in obtaining permits can be shared with similar companies. In some cases, entire industries have applied for some types of permits via their trade associations.

How long does the permitting process normally take?

There is no one answer to this question. Some permits can be granted in a very short time. Others may require months or years. A major project may require environmental impact studies that take a great deal of time to prepare and approve. Because of this, there is one simple rule to follow: plan as far ahead as possible.

Toxic Regulations

How can I determine if I'm generating a hazardous waste or emission?

Under RCRA, the Environmental Protection Agency has published lists of hazardous wastes. These lists are extensive, but clearly categorized. You can determine if you're generating a hazardous waste or emission by referring to these lists and to EPA regulations. Some wastes which are not on the lists are also hazardous. Hazardous air pollutants are listed in Title 3 of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. (To get a list, contact EPA or your state environmental agency.)

What types of disposal procedures are required for hazardous or toxic wastes?

Hazardous waste should be isolated from your non-hazardous wastes. It must be collected and stored in an approved manner; identified and classified according to the Department of Transportation's Hazardous Materials Table; and packed, marked and labeled according to regulations. You must determine that your transporter and your treatment, storage and disposal facilities have EPA ID numbers. The hazardous material must then be shipped by a transporter to a permitted hazardous waste management facility. Regulations require you to keep careful records of all waste generated; how it was transported and the method of final disposition. This "cradle to grave"record procedure is designed to help prevent accidental or deliberate releases of hazardous materials by allowing regulatory agencies to monitor waste generation and management.


How many areas are in non attainment? Why does it have an effect on my business?

Amendments to the Clean Air Act in 1970 called for federally mandated National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) and set deadlines for states to develop plans to meet the standards. NAAQS standards have been set for particulates, carbon monoxide, ozone, oxides of nitrogen, sulfur oxides and lead. The standards are based on concentrations of air which can affect health or cause material damage. Some of the standards (especially ozone) have been particularly difficult to attain. The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 address these problems.

Today, areas in non attainment can be subjected to serious restrictions on new and existing sources of the non attainment pollutant. These restrictions can include banning new sources of the non attainment pollutant, or increased emissions from existing sources, unless they obtain emission reductions from existing sources to offset new emissions.

Employee Health

Do I have to provide any special training to employees?

Under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know regulations, a business is required to have an emergency plan in place to handle spills, fires or other emergency situations involving hazardous materials. This requires employee training, which varies depending on the hazards identified at your plant. All employees need to be versed in basic emergency procedures, and many organizations have formed special employee teams (similar to fire brigades) to respond to environmental emergency situations as part of their emergency planning. You must also designate an emergency coordinator who is available 24 hours a day to respond in case an emergency occurs. In the case of a small business, this emergency coordinator can be the owner. Also, if your facility has a permitted waste treatment system, operator training is essential to prevent permit violations.


How many different environmental regulations affect business?

There are numerous laws and regulations that can affect a business at the federal, state and local levels. Federal laws under which businesses are regulated include the following:

  1. The Clean Water Act, which controls releases into all U.S. surface waters.
  2. The Clean Air Act, which sets national air quality standards and controls emissions into the air.
  3. The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, which controls solid and hazardous wastes and underground storage tanks and sets standards for their management.
  4. The Safe Drinking Water Act, which establishes national drinking water regulations.
  5. The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (Superfund), which makes provisions for cleanup of sites where hazardous wastes have gotten into the environment. Reporting spills or releases of regulated substances into the environment is also regulated under Superfund.
  6. The Occupational Safety and Health Act, which established the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and is responsible for establishing standards to protect workers engaged in hazardous materials and hazardous waste operations.
  7. The Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA Title 111, or Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act), which requires planning to handle environmental emergencies and distribution of information about potential hazardous materials to communities.
  8. The Toxic Substances Control Act, which regulates the production and use of any new toxic materials. PCBs and asbestos are regulated under this act.
  9. The Endangered Species Act, which provides means for protection, conservation and enhancement of endangered and threatened species of plants and animals.
  10. The Hazardous Materials Transportation Act, which establishes a labeling and manifest system for the shipping of hazardous materials.

Is my business subject to inspection?

State and federal authorities have the right to inspect your business to determine if you are in compliance with environmental regulations. Routine inspections are limited to normal business hours, but your business could be subject to an investigation that would allow inspections at any time. Someone at the plant should be instructed to accommodate inspectors whenever they show up.

Contacts for More Information

The Environmental Protection Agency

Regional Office (Covering TVA region)
Environmental Protection Agency Region 4
61 Forsyth Street SW
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 562-9900

State Regulatory Agencies

Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation
Main Office
312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue
Nashville, TN  37243
(888) 891-8332

Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation
Jackson Office
1625 Hollywood Drive
Jackson, TN  38305
(731) 512-1300

Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation
Memphis Office
8383 Wolf Lake Drive
Bartlett, TN  38133
(901) 371-3000

Why West Tennessee

Evidenced by continuing and steady economic growth for more than a decade, the climate for business in West Tennessee is one of the best in the nation. Low taxes, a central location, a pro-business climate, interstate access and size make this region a top choice for business.

Between the years of 2000 and 2010, the state of Tennessee grew 11.5 percent to more than 6,346,000 people, earning Tennessee the designation of the 19th fastest-growing state in the country.

  • Tennessee is within one-day delivery of 76 percent of the major U.S. markets.
  • Tennessee is a right-to-work state.
  • Tennessee has the second-largest inland port in the United States on the Mississippi River in Memphis.
  • Tennessee has over 200 Fortune 500 industrial and service companies within state facilities.
  • Tennessee’s Constitution requires a balanced state budget.
  • Tennessee has no personal income tax on wages.
  • Tennessee offers the nation’s most dependable power source systems in terms of generating electricity.
  • Tennessee is located in the Sunbelt area of the Southeastern U.S. and has a mild climate year-round.

What We Offer

WTIA supports, supplements and prepares the communities we serve to create jobs and economic prosperity for West Tennessee.

  • Sites & Buildings Assistance - Review site & building data, assist in updated data in TNECD & TVA databases, create/maintain site & building sheets.
  • Assistance in completing RFIs & Workforce Data Requests.
  • Retail Recruitment Assistance
  • Foreign Trade Zone Support
  • Data & Research Assistance for Grant Applications
  • WTIA Facilities available for conference meetings & offices for TNECD & all allies


What We Offer


Kimberly Kee

Executive Director


Buildings & Sites

WTIA lists information as provided by the entity submitting the building or site for marketing purposes. This information is subject to change.




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WTIA is a private, not-for-profit association, which works on a confidential basis to assist companies, site search consultants and our communities with economic development projects. Check out this video for an in depth look at what WTIA does in the West Tennessee area. 

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Krone North America Memphis 901-842-6011 Farm equipment distribution center Maschinen Fabriken Germany
Lone Star Industries, Inc. Memphis 901-386-8911 Ready mix concrete Dyckerhoff GmbH Germany
Reinhausen Manufacturing, Inc. Humboldt 731-784-7681 Switchgear and switchboard apparatus Maschinefabrik Germany
Siemens Building Technologies Memphis 901-375-6223 Refrigeration and heating equipment Siemens AG Germany
Siemens Medical Systems Memphis 901-367-0500 Medical and hospital equipment (dist. center) Siemens AG Germany
Stauf Inc. Memphis 901-820-0007 Wood flooring adhesive Stauf Klebstoffwerk Germany
ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corp. Memphis 901-261-1800 Elevators and moving stairways ThyssenKrupp AG Germany
ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corp. Middleton 731-376-3000 Passenger and freight elevators ThyssenKrupp AG Germany
MVP Group International Inc. Union City 731-885-7836 Home furnishings distribution Primacy Industries India
Setco Automotive Paris 731-642-4215 Clutch assemblies Setco Automotive Limited India
APAC TN Inc. Memphis 901-947-5600 Paving contractors CRH PLC Ireland
Eaton Corporation Newbern 731-627-2531 Rubber compounds and hoses Eaton Corporation Plc Ireland
Humboldt Container Corporation Humboldt 731-784-1500 Corrugated shipping containers Jefferson Smurfit Group Ireland
Republic Builders Products McKenzie 731-352-3383 Metal windows and doors Allegion, Plc Ireland
Trane U.S. Inc. Memphis 901-345-6000 Manufactures heating equipment Ingersoll-Rand Plc Ireland
Buzzi Unicem Memphis 901-525-4817 Cement Buzzi Unicem SpA Italy
Euro Tranciatura USA Paris 731-642-6394 Hermetic compressor motors Eurotranciatura SpA Italy
Luxottica Optical Manufacturing Memphis 901-375-0015 Manufacturer of eyeglass lenses Luxottica Group SpA Italy
Memphis Ready Mix Collierville 901-854-7495 Ready mixed concrete Buzzi Unicem SpA Italy
Memphis Ready Mix (+4 loc.) Memphis 901-357-0066 Ready mixed concrete Buzzi Unicem SpA Italy
Surface Dynamics Bartlett 901-590-4540 Coating of medical devices and instruments Biocoatings Srl Italy
Superior Essex Memphis 901-797-2500 Semiconductors LS Corporation South Korea
Flint Group Memphis 901-363-0441 Manufactures printing ink Flint Holding SA Luxembourg
Block USA Jackson 731-421-4624 Concrete block and brick Cemex, S.A.B. de C.V. Mexico
Blue Star Ready Mix USA Adamsville 731-632-4590 Ready mix concrete Cemex S.A.B. de C.V. Mexico
Solon Wire Processing LLC Memphis 901-942-6464 Carbon steel wire processing Grupo Simec, S.A. de C.V. Mexico
Stabilt America, Inc. Moscow 901-877-3010 Fiberglass reinforced paneling Stabilt, S.A. de C.V. Mexico
Bodine Company Inc. Collierville 901-853-7211 Emergency light products for fluorescent, HID lamps and lighting ballasts Koninklijke Philips Netherlands
Lasco Fittings Brownsville 731-772-3180 PVC pipe fittings Aalberts Industries N.V. Netherlands
LyondellBasell Industries Jackson 731-984-6700 Polypropylene based plastics LyondellBasell Industries Netherlands
Nobel Automotive Paris 731-641-6687 Automotive parts Orhan International B.V Netherlands
Univar USA Memphis 901-795-4180 Chemical distribution Univar N.V. Netherlands
Wright Medical Technologies Memphis 901-867-9971 Surgical appliances and supplies Wright Medical Group N.V. Netherlands
Evergreen Packaging Memphis 901-821-5350 Paper manufacturing  Rank Group Limited  New Zealand 
Graham Packaging Memphis 901-366-8393 Plastic bottles Rank Group Limited New Zealand
Kongsberg Automotive Milan 731-686-0805 Automotive seat covers and seating Kongsberg Automotive ASA Norway
Flextronics Memphis 901-215-2800 Third party logistics Flextronics International LTD Singapore
Riviana Foods Inc. Memphis 901-948-8556 Packaged rice and rice mixes Ebro Foods SA Spain
Ceco Door Products Milan 731-686-4009 Steel doors, frames, sash, molding & trim Assa Abloy AB Sweden
Electrolux Corp. Memphis  901-789-8300  Cooking appliances  Electrolux AB  Sweden 
Granges Huntingdon 731-986-5011 Aluminum sheet and foil Granges AB Sweden
Hexpol Compounding LLC Dyersburg 731-285-4353 Rubber compounding Hexpol AB Sweden
Mack Memphis PDC Memphis 901-795-0731 Distributes repair parts for Mack trucks AB Volvo Sweden
Marathon Heater, Inc. Brownsville 731-772-2511 Industrial grade heating elements and temperature sensors Nibe Industries AB Sweden
Pemko Manufacturing Company Memphis 901-365-2160 Thresholds, weather stripping, and hinges Assa Abloy AB Sweden
Volvo Marine Products Lexington 731-968-0151 Marine engines AB Volvo Sweden
ABB, Inc. Alamo 731-696-5561 Transformer parts, bushings, tap-chargers, distribution components ABB Ltd. Switzerland
Baldor Power Solutions Memphis  901-365-2020 Wholesale electrical apparatus, wiring supplies ABB Ltd. Switzerland 
Holcim Trading, Inc. Memphis 901-947-4063 Cement Holcim Ltd. Switzerland
Schindler Elevator Corp. Memphis  901-680-1942 Building equipment  Schindler Holding AG Switzerland 
Sygenta Crop Protection Memphis 901-751-5200 Pesticides and agricultural equipment distribution Syngenta AG Switzerland

United Kingdom Companies

Company Name City Phone Product Affiliate UK location
AB Mauri Memphis 901-942-7115 Yeast AB Mauri Ltd. Peterborough
ACH Food Companies, Inc. Cordova 901-381-3000 Cooking oil, shortening, margarine, nondairy cheeses & creamer & rice products Associated British Foods PLC London
Bioventus USA Cordova 901-341-2900 Pharmaceuticals Smith & Nephew PLC London
Cotlook Ltd. Memphis 901-767-7901 Periodical publishing Cotlook, Ltd. Birkenhead
Faist Light Metals Ripley  731-635-8872 High precision CNC machining for automotive industry FAiST Group London
Ferguson Enterprises Jackson 731-664-6400 Distribution of plumbing supplies Wolseley Plc Warwickshire
Ferguson Enterprises Memphis 901-743-5511 Distribution of plumbing supplies Wolseley Plc Warwickshire
Games Workshop Group Memphis 901-541-7500 Plastic game figures Games Workshop Group PLC Nottingham
Glaxosmithkline Memphis 901-948-3372 Pharmaceuticals; cosmetics distribution GlaxoSmithKline Brentford
Harcros Chemicals, Inc. Memphis 901-948-3321 Chemical distribution Harrison & Crosfield PLC London
Indopco, Inc. Memphis 901-541-9660 Adhesives and chemicals Unilever PLC London
Kilgore Flares Company Toone 731-658-5231 Military pyrotechnics Chemring Group PLC Fareham
McKinney Drilling Company Memphis 901-363-9421 Building foundation construction Keller Group PLC London
Signature Flight Support Corporation Memphis 901-345-4700 Aircraft refueling and maintenance services BBA Group PLC London
Smith & Nephew Orthopedics Memphis 901-396-2121 Surgical & medical instruments & apparatus Smith & Nephew PLC London
Unilever Best Foods Covington 901-313-9248 Dietetic drink products Unilever PLC London
Voigt & Schweitzer LLC Millington 901-358-4899 Hot metal dipping and galvanizing Hill & Smith Holdings Sohihull

Canadian Companies

Company Name City Phone Product Affiliate Canadian location
American Yeast Corporation Memphis 901-358-4788 Yeast Lallemand, Inc. Quebec
Briadco Machine & Tool Covington 901-475-2771 General machining; tool and die; plastic injection molding Briadco Tool & Mould, Inc. Ontario
Cascades Tissue Group Memphis 901-523-9118 Tissue paper rolls Cascades, Inc. Quebec
Cascades Tissue Group/IFC Disposables Brownsville 731-779-0959 Disposable wiping cloths, hand towels, and toilet tissue Cascades, Inc. Quebec
CCL Label, Inc. Collierville 901-861-5860 Paper labels CCL Industries, Inc. Ontario
Canadian National Railway Company Dyersburg 731-285-8321 Line-haul railroad Canadian National Quebec
Canadian National Railroad Company Memphis 901-789-6330 Railroad terminal Canadian National Quebec
Domtar Paper Company LLC Brownsville 731-779-0200 Paper converting Domtar Paper Company Quebec
JMS Russel Metals Jackson 731-984-8121 Metal service center Russel Metals Ontario
K I K Custom Products Memphis 901-947-5400 Personal care products KIK Custom Products Ontario
KTG USA, Inc. Memphis 901-260-3900 Manufacturers of facial and bath tissue paper and paper towels Kruger, Inc. Quebec
Northdown Industries, Inc. Dyersburg 731-287-3272 Cat litter Noramerica Inc. Ontario
Pallet Source, Inc. Brownsville 731-779-9153 Wood pallets Canada Pallet Corporation Ontario
Royal Guard Vinyl Company Newbern 731-627-2775 Vinyl siding Royal Plastics Group Ontario
Shred - It Memphis 901-365-0080 Pulp from waste or recycled paper Shred-It International Inc. Ontario
UNI-Select USA Central, Inc. Memphis 901-774-9762 Wholesale automotive parts Uni-Select, Inc. Quebec

Japanese Companies

Company Name City Phone Product Affiliate Japan Location
Arvin Sango, Inc. Henderson  731-989-4011 Automotive exhaust systems Sango Company, Ltd. Aichi
Toyota Bodine Aluminum Jackson 731-265-5600 Automobile engine blocks Toyota Motor Corporation Toyota City
Brother Industries USA Bartlett 901-379-1000 Labels for label making machines Brother Industries Ltd. Nagoya
Brother International Corporation Bartlett 901-377-7777 Distributor of office equipment and parts Brother Industries Ltd. Nagoya
Firestone Industrial Products Dyersburg 731-286-5054 Metal stampings Bridgestone Corporation Tokyo
Fujitsu PC Corporation Memphis 800-838-5487 Customer service center Fujitsu, Ltd Tokyo
Green Metals, Inc. Jackson 731-427-7630 Recycling scrap metals Toyota Tsusho Nagoya
Gyrus Acmi, Inc. Bartlett 901-373-0200 Surgical instruments, disposable drapes and implants Olympus Corporation Tokyo
Helena Chemical Company Collierville 901-761-0050 Pesticides & agricultural chemicals Marubeni Corporation Tokyo
IBC Manufacturing Company Memphis 901-344-5300 Wood preservatives Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha Limited Osaka
IDI, Inc. Memphis 901-680-7100 General warehouse & storage Kajima Corporation Tokyo
KMA Manufacturing Memphis 901-746-3397 Maintenance and repair to steel mills Marubeni Corporation Tokyo
Komatsu American Corporation Ripley 731-635-6100 Heavy construction machinery part distribution Komatsu, Ltd. Tokyo
Kyocera Mita America Memphis 901-215-2665 Office copier distribution Kyocera Corp. Kyocera
Lucite International Cordova 901-381-2000 Acrylic specialties Mitsubishi Rayon Tokyo
Lucite International Memphis 901-354-1056 Acrylic monomers and sheets Mitsubishi Rayon Tokyo
Lucite International Memphis 901-942-0787 Acrylic plastic pellets Mitsubishi Rayon Tokyo
MC Ionic Solutions Memphis 901-354-1000 Electrolytes for lithium ion batteries Mitsubishi Chemical Company Tokyo
Missouri Smelting Technologies (MOST) Jackson 731-423-1041 Molten aluminum Toyota Tsusho Nagoya
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Memphis 901-354-1000 Rechargable battery components for electric automobiles Mitsubishi Electric Tokyo
Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Memphis 901-365-1749 Electric transformers Mitsubishi Electric Tokyo
NKC of America, Inc. Memphis 901-396-5353 Conveyors & equipment Nakanishi Metal Works Company Osaka
NSK Steering Systems Dyersburg 731-288-3000 Automotive steering columns NSK Ltd. Tokyo
Nidec Corporation Lexington 731-967-3114 Electric motors and generators Nidec Corporation Kyoto
Pacific Industries USA Jackson 731-300-7550 Metal stamping for the automotive industry Pacific Industries Ogaki
PML, Inc. Paris 731-642-7398 Molded, extruded & lathe-cut rubber Marugo Rubber Industries Kurashiki
Ricoh Business Solutions Cordova 901-737-8499 Distributor of office equipment Richo Co. LTD Tokyo
Sharp Electronics Corporation Memphis 901-795-6510 Copier machines, microwave ovens, toner cartridges, solar panels Sharp Corporation Osaka
TBDN Tennessee Company Jackson 731-427-4774 Automotive oil and air filters Toyota Boshoku and Denso Kariya
Toyota Boshoku Tennessee Jackson 731-422-4363 Metal stamping parts & small sub-assembly for car seats Toyota Boshoku Corporation Kariya
Toyota Tsusho American Memphis 901-365-0090 Automtoive parts distribution center Toyota Motor Corporation Toyota City
UGN, Inc. Jackson  731-927-8800 Sound deadening components for automobiles Nittoku Tokyo

Wage Data

Job 2017 West TN
Experienced Wage
2017 West TN
Entry Wage
2017 West
TN Median
Accountant $35.95 $19.36 $27.32  
Automotive Mechanic $21.12 $11.71 $17.03  
Bookkeeping/Accountant/Auditing Clerk $20.49 $12.45 $17.03  
Cost Estimator $31.61 $19.03 $25.39  
File Clerk $15.79 $10.43 $13.41  
Financial Manager $55.06 $25.14 $40.92  
First Line Supervisor: Clerical $29.25 $15.37 $22.58  
First Line Supervisor: Construction $31.95 $19.61 $26.94  
First Line Supervisor: Mechanical $38.47 $21.76 $30.78  
First Line Supervisor: Production $30.91 $14.81 $23.71  
Guard $14.74 $ 9.27 $11.81  
Hand Packer & Packager $11.76 $ 8.53 $ 9.76  
Human Resources Assistant $20.11 $13.75 $17.29  
HVAC Mechanic $21.44 $15.26 $18.82  
Industrial Engineer $44.10 $28.39 $39.39  
Industrial Production Manager $52.15 $27.44 $40.19  
Industrial Truck/Tractor Operator $17.08 $11.85 $14.38  
Janitor $12.89 $ 8.62 $10.64  
Licensed Practical Nurse $19.53 $14.81 $18.04  
Machinery Maintenance Worker $19.85 $13.37 $17.03  
Machinist $24.48 $15.46 $20.49  
Mechanical Engineer $44.05 $23.02 $35.84  
Millwright $27.79 $20.29 $25.09  
Packaging/Filling Machine Operator $18.04 $ 9.67 $15.37  
Payroll/Timekeeping Clerk $21.93 $13.54 $19.08  
Procurement Clerk $23.62 $14.73 $19.87  
Production Clerk $25.64 $14.39 $20.88  
Purchasing Manager $56.69 $26.77 $39.44  
Receptionist/Information Clerk $13.41 $ 9.32 $11.66  
Sheet Metal Workers $20.58 $13.32 $17.63  
Switchboard Operator $16.96 $11.22 $14.85  
Tool & Die Maker $25.72 $16.21 $22.96  
Traffic/Shipping/Receiving Clerk $17.30 $10.28 $14.02  
Truck Driver, Light $15.34 $ 9.51 $13.29  

Cost of Living

2019 First Quarter

Component Weight Index 100% 14%  28%  10%  9%  5%  35% 
City & State Composite Grocery Housing Utilities Transportation Health Misc. Services
Columbia, MO 90.6 95.9 76.2 100.2 89.4 99.3 97.6  
Columbia, SC 93.2 101.4 71.8 124.8 83.5 83.9 103.8  
Decatur, AL 84.7 95.9 58.8 101.6 84.8 84.7 97.7  
Evansville, IN 90.6 89.7 82.9 107.4 87.2 94.9 93.6  
Florence, AL 85.5 93.3 68.3 98.6 85.4 82.6 94.0  
Jackson, TN 84.7 95.0 66.8 97.3 87.7 87.1 91.4  
Jacksonville, FL 90.9 98.5 87.8 97.9 85.9 86.4 90.8  
Jonesboro, AR 83.1 87.2 69.7 87.7 80.9 82.9 92.2  
Knoxville, TN 83.2 87.6 71.0 94.9 78.7 91.8 88.8  
Louisville, KY 92.0 86.2 76.8 91.7 89.8 101.7 106.4  
Memphis, TN 79.3 87.6 66.2 89.7 84.7 82.0 82.6  
Montgomery, AL 91.7 101.8 84.2 109.2 89.5 83.2 91.2  
Roanoke, VA 89.6 87.4 80.9 104.0 84.4 100.8 94.0  
Savannah, GA 87.7 94.1 64.2 95.5 92.7 107.2 99.2  
St. Louis, MO 85.9 105.0 69.1 101.0 80.6 92.7 89.3  
Greenville, SC 97.7 105.9 84.5 93.3 98.0 99.1 106.6  
Dalton, GA 85.8 93.8 60.6 100.2 94.4 94.8 96.8  

Tax Information




Sales and Use

7%; 5% on food

1.50% - 2.75%

General Business Tax


$1.4975 - $7.78 for each $100 of assessed value

Local Business Tax


up to 1/8 of 1% gross sales


6.5% on net earnings



0.25% of the greater of net worth or real/tangible property 


Personal Income

6% of interest, dividends


Initial Corporate Organization Fee

$100 - $600


Unemployment Insurance

2.7% first $9,000 per employee for manufacturing sector 



Tennessee Tax Incentives Fact Sheet