Why West Tennessee

Evidenced by continuing and steady economic growth for more than a decade, the climate for business in West Tennessee is one of the best in the nation. Low taxes, a central location, a pro-business climate, interstate access and size make this region a top choice for business.

Between the years of 2000 and 2010, the state of Tennessee grew 11.5 percent to more than 6,346,000 people, earning Tennessee the designation of the 19th fastest-growing state in the country.

  • Tennessee is within one-day delivery of 76 percent of the major U.S. markets.
  • Tennessee is a right-to-work state.
  • Tennessee has the second-largest inland port in the United States on the Mississippi River in Memphis.
  • Tennessee has over 200 Fortune 500 industrial and service companies within state facilities.
  • Tennessee’s Constitution requires a balanced state budget.
  • Tennessee has no personal income tax on wages.
  • Tennessee offers the nation’s most dependable power source systems in terms of generating electricity.
  • Tennessee is located in the Sunbelt area of the Southeastern U.S. and has a mild climate year-round.