Halls Industrial Park

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Halls Industrial Park

Halls Industrial Park in {county_name}County


Halls Airport nearby with 5,000' runway. 100 additional acres available.

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Site Details

Address 302 Entrance-Halls Industrial Park
City: Halls
County: Lauderdale
State: TN
Zip: 38040
Acreage: 30
Railroad: Canadian National
Sale Price: Negotiable
Lease Price: Negotiable


Interstate: I-40
Distance To Interstate: 33 miles
Highway: U.S. Highway 51
Distance To Highway: 1.5 miles
Port: Port of Cates Landing
Distance To Port: 41.3 miles
Airport: Memphis International Airport
Distance To Airport: 75 miles


Natural Gas: Ripley Gas & Water: 3" main
Electric: Ripley Power & Light
Water: Town of Halls: 10" main
Waste Water: Town of Halls
Telecom: AT&T

More Information About Lauderdale County

Population: 25,274
High School Graduates 282
Labor Force: 10,222
Unemployment: 699
Unemployment Rate: 7
County Website: County Website
County Demographics: Download
County Worker Flow: Download

Labor Shed Data For Lauderdale County

County 2017 Population 2017-2018 HS Graduates October Labor Force October Unemployed October Unemployment Rate
Crockett 14,473 212 7,303 328 4.5
Dyer 37,463 408 17,308 992 5.7
Haywood 17,573 208 8,116 524 6.5
Lauderdale 25,274 282 10,222 699 6.8
Mississippi, AR 42,159 381 15,718 1,468 8.5
Tipton 61,366 655 29,183 1,548 5.3

Other Buildings in Lauderdale County

Building Name Square Footage City County
Harrison Building 23,020 Ripley Lauderdale
T.P. Tool Building 14,904 Ripley Lauderdale
Ripley P&L Building 73,500 Ripley Lauderdale

Other Sites in Lauderdale County

Site Name Certified Acreage City County
American Way Site WTIA Certified 21 Ripley Lauderdale
Ripley North Industrial Park 101 Ripley Lauderdale
Ripley East/Walker Industrial Park WTIA Certified 110 Ripley Lauderdale
Beech Bluff Industrial Site 59 Halls Lauderdale