New Jobs Coming to Lexington

Lexington Mayor Jeff Griggs and County Mayor Dan Hughes announced that Engineer Spray Components will be adding 22 new positions in the $16.00 an hour range. The industry was founded in 1995 and in conjunction with Wilder Incorporated, the company manufactures spray nozzles and components for agriicultural use. Mark Bartel, of Engineer Spray Components, announced that the company has recently patented a new spray nozzle that significantly reduces wind drift.

Bartel said ESC has a payroll of about $1.3 million and will expand another $700,000.00 to cover payroll and benefits for the new positions, and add another 7,000 square feet to the facility.

ESC and Wilder Incorporated do business nearly worldwide with accounts in Central and South America, Canada and the U.S., Europe, China, and several points in between.