Airport Industrial Park, Site B-Select Tennessee

Airport Industrial Park, Site B-Select Tennessee

Airport Industrial Park, Site B-Select Tennessee in {county_name}County


Designation as a Select Tennessee Certified Site provides prospective companies with a level of assurance that the site has undergone thorough due diligence to uncover and address potential development obstacles. Austin Consulting and Foot Consulting Group two widely recognized site selection firms have evaluated the site and can confirm that the property is now ready for development. The Certified Site designation applies to the Airport Industrial Park Site "B" located within close proximity to Interstate 40 along Hwy. 223 or Smith Lane and Lawrence Road. The available site approximately 180 acres and is located in an area planned for industrial development. Additionally, the site is receiving the Certified Site designation based on the presence of all utilities at the site, an estimated for site grading, and no known environmental issues that cannot be reasonably avoided.

Site Details

Address Smith Lane/James Lawrance Road
City: Jackson
County: Madison
State: TN
Zip: 38301
Acreage: 115
Railroad: No
Sale Price: $18,500/acre
Lease Price: no


Interstate: I-40
Distance To Interstate: 8.9 miles
Highway: U.S. Highway 223
Distance To Highway: 2.4 miles
Port: Port of Memphis
Distance To Port: 80 miles
Airport: Memphis International Airport
Distance To Airport: 80 miles


Natural Gas: Jackson Energy Authority; 12" main
Electric: Jackson Energy Authority
Water: Jackson Energy Authority; 20" main
Waste Water: Jackson Energy Authority
Telecom: AT&T

More Information About Madison County

Population: 98,178
High School Graduates 848
Labor Force: 48,130
Unemployment: 1,540
Unemployment Rate: 3.2%
County Website: County Website
County Demographics: Download
County Worker Flow: Download

Labor Shed Data For Madison County

County 2015 Population 2015-2016 HS Graduates May Labor Force May Unemployed May Unemployment Rate
Chester 17,379 202 8,460 260 3.1%
Crockett 14,668 223 6,910 220 3.1%
Gibson 49,472 554 21,100 770 3.7%
Hardeman 25,965 240 9,080 360 4.0%
Haywood 18,185 197 7,690 320 4.2%
Henderson 28,009 303 11,920 460 3.9%
Madison 98,178 848 48,130 1,540 3.2%
McNairy 26,267 311 8,770 380 4.3%
Carroll 28,370 327 11,460 470 4.0%

Other Buildings in Madison County

Building Name Square Footage City County
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Milan Supply Chain Solutions 330,000 Jackson Madison
West Tennessee Warehouse - Missouri Street 190,000 Jackson Madison
Stag II Building 155,489 Jackson Madison
Riverside Drive Building 26,600 Jackson Madison
Bonwood Industrial Park Buildings 230,500 Jackson Madison
920 Richmond Street 70,768 Jackson Madison
Commerce Street Building 78,634 Jackson Madison

Other Sites in Madison County

Site Name Certified Acreage City County
Dement #3 30 Jackson Madison
Norfolk Southern Property 53 Jackson Madison
Tiger Jones Technology Park-Enterprise Data Center 121 Jackson Madison
Jackson / Madison County Industrial Park 53 Jackson Madison
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