Milan Commercial Complex F-Line

Milan Commercial Complex F-Line in {county_name}County


Property available through Armament Retooling and Manufacturing Support (ARMS) program, offering specialized incentives to prospective businesses through the Army and USDA. Please call for details.

Building Details

Address 2280 Highway 104 West
City: Milan
County: Gibson
State: TN
Zip: 38358
Square Footage: 22,050
Acreage: 1
Railroad: yes
Loading Dock:
Ceiling Height: 14'11"
Floor Thickness:
Sale Price: not for sale
Lease Price: negotiable


Interstate: I-40
Distance To Interstate: 20 miles
Highway: Highway 104
Distance To Highway: adjacent
Port: Port of Cates Landing
Distance To Port: 52 miles
Airport: Memphis International Airport
Distance To Airport: 95 miles


Natural Gas: Gibson County Utility District
Electric: Milan Public Utilities
Water: City of Milan
Waste Water: City of Milan
Telecom: AT&T

More Information About Gibson County

Population: 49,401
High School Graduates 554
Labor Force: 21,440
Unemployment: 870
Unemployment Rate: 4.0%
County Website: County Website
County Demographics: Download
County Worker Flow: Download

Labor Shed Data For Gibson County

County 2016 Population 2015-2016 HS Graduates November Labor Force November Unemployed November Unemployment Rate
Crockett 14,411 223 7,090 270 3.8%
Dyer 37,708 428 16,680 700 4.2%
Gibson 49,401 554 21,440 870 4.0%
Madison 97,663 848 48,440 1,820 3.8%
Obion 30,578 337 12,330 590 4.8%
Weakley 33,507 294 15,770 650 4.1%
Carroll 28,092 327 11,760 540 4.6%

Other Buildings in Gibson County

Building Name Square Footage City County
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King Technologies Building 46,120 Trenton Gibson
Kellwood Office Building 15,888 Rutherford Gibson

Other Sites in Gibson County

Site Name Certified Acreage City County
Wittichen Property 22 Humboldt Gibson
Wingo Property 30 Bradford Gibson
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