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United Kingdom Companies

Company Name City Phone Product Affiliate UK location
AB Mauri Memphis 901-942-7115 Yeast AB Mauri Ltd. Peterborough
ACH Food Companies, Inc. Cordova 901-381-3000 Cooking oil, shortening, margarine, nondairy cheeses & creamer & rice products Associated British Foods PLC London
Bioventus USA Cordova 901-341-2900 Pharmaceuticals Smith & Nephew PLC London
Cotlook Ltd. Memphis 901-767-7901 Periodical publishing Cotlook, Ltd. Birkenhead
Faist Light Metals Ripley  731-635-8872 High precision CNC machining for automotive industry FAiST Group London
Ferguson Enterprises Jackson 731-664-6400 Distribution of plumbing supplies Wolseley Plc Warwickshire
Ferguson Enterprises Memphis 901-743-5511 Distribution of plumbing supplies Wolseley Plc Warwickshire
Games Workshop Group Memphis 901-541-7500 Plastic game figures Games Workshop Group PLC Nottingham
Glaxosmithkline Memphis 901-948-3372 Pharmaceuticals; cosmetics distribution GlaxoSmithKline Brentford
Harcros Chemicals, Inc. Memphis 901-948-3321 Chemical distribution Harrison & Crosfield PLC London
Indopco, Inc. Memphis 901-541-9660 Adhesives and chemicals Unilever PLC London
Kilgore Flares Company Toone 731-658-5231 Military pyrotechnics Chemring Group PLC Fareham
McKinney Drilling Company Memphis 901-363-9421 Building foundation construction Keller Group PLC London
Signature Flight Support Corporation Memphis 901-345-4700 Aircraft refueling and maintenance services BBA Group PLC London
Smith & Nephew Orthopedics Memphis 901-396-2121 Surgical & medical instruments & apparatus Smith & Nephew PLC London
Unilever Best Foods Covington 901-313-9248 Dietetic drink products Unilever PLC London
Voigt & Schweitzer LLC Millington 901-358-4899 Hot metal dipping and galvanizing Hill & Smith Holdings Sohihull