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Japanese Companies

Company Name City Phone Product Affiliate Japan Location
Toyota Boshoku Tennessee Jackson 731-422-4363 Metal stamping parts & small sub-assembly for car seats Toyota Boshoku Corporation Kariya
Arvin Sango, Inc. Henderson  731-989-4011 Automotive exhaust systems Sango Company, Ltd. Aichi
Toyota Bodine Aluminum Jackson 731-265-5600 Automobile engine blocks Toyota Motor Corporation Toyota City
Brother Industries USA Bartlett 901-379-1000 Labels for label making machines Brother Industries Ltd. Nagoya
Brother International Corporation Bartlett 901-377-7777 Distributor of office equipment and parts Brother Industries Ltd. Nagoya
Firestone Industrial Products Dyersburg 731-286-5054 Metal stampings Bridgestone Corporation Tokyo
Fujitsu PC Corporation Memphis 800-838-5487 Customer service center Fujitsu, Ltd Tokyo
Green Metals, Inc. Jackson 731-427-7630 Recycling scrap metals Toyota Tsusho Nagoya
Helena Chemical Company Collierville 901-761-0050 Pesticides & agricultural chemicals Marubeni Corporation Tokyo
IBC Manufacturing Company Memphis 901-344-5300 Wood preservatives Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha Limited Osaka
IDI, Inc. Memphis 901-680-7100 General warehouse & storage Kajima Corporation Tokyo
KMA Manufacturing Memphis 901-746-3397 Maintenance and repair to steel mills Marubeni Corporation Tokyo
Komatsu American Corporation Ripley 731-635-6100 Heavy construction machinery part distribution Komatsu, Ltd. Tokyo
Kyocera Mita America Memphis 901-215-2665 Office copier distribution Kyocera Corp. Kyocera
Lucite International Cordova 901-381-2000 Acrylic specialties Mitsubishi Rayon Tokyo
Lucite International Memphis 901-354-1056 Acrylic monomers and sheets Mitsubishi Rayon Tokyo
Lucite International Memphis 901-942-0787 Acrylic plastic pellets Mitsubishi Rayon Tokyo
MC Ionic Solutions Memphis 901-354-1000 Electrolytes for lithium ion batteries Mitsubishi Chemical Company Tokyo
Missouri Smelting Technologies (MOST) Jackson 731-423-1041 Molten aluminum Toyota Tsusho Nagoya
Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Memphis 901-365-1749 Electric transformers Mitsubishi Electric Tokyo
NKC of America, Inc. Memphis 901-396-5353 Conveyors & equipment Nakanishi Metal Works Company Osaka
NSK Steering Systems Dyersburg 731-288-3000 Automotive steering columns NSK Ltd. Tokyo
Nidec Corporation Lexington 731-967-3114 Electric motors and generators Nidec Corporation Kyoto
Pacific Manufacturing Tennessee Jackson 731-300-7550 Metal stamping for the automotive industry Pacific Industries Ogaki
PML, Inc. Paris 731-642-7398 Molded, extruded & lathe-cut rubber Marugo Rubber Industries Kurashiki
Ricoh Business Solutions Cordova 901-737-8499 Distributor of office equipment Richo Co. LTD Tokyo
Sharp Electronics Corporation Memphis 901-795-6510 Copier machines, microwave ovens, toner cartridges, solar panels Sharp Corporation Osaka
TBDN Tennessee Company Jackson 731-427-4774 Automotive oil and air filters Toyoda Boshoku and Denso Kariya
Toyota Tsusho American Memphis 901-365-0090 Automtoive parts distribution center Toyota Motor Corporation Toyota City
UGN, Inc. Jackson  731-927-8800 Sound deadening components for automobiles Nittoku Tokyo