Dynamic Speculative Building

Dynamic Speculative Building

Dynamic Speculative Building in {county_name}County


The Virtual Speculative Building concept is a design driven, visually presented planning process. The concept revolves around three main incentives: Lower capital investment, expedited launch for construction, and higher visibility in marketing efforts. A lower initial investment is the most appreciable benefit as the cost of developing a Virtual Building is approximately 1% of the cost to build. Design and planning are the main focus of the concept. This includes a schematic set of design drawings, permitting, and budgeting to reduce risk to potential prospects and provide an expedited launch for construction. This level of preparedness means prospects have a higher confidence level in the community. Lastly, because the building is virtually constructed, the program offers marketing options similar to having a real building onsite. These options include the ability to show the client a virtual walk through of the building, site photos, and testimonial videos that attract public involvement within the community.

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Building Details

Address 3910 Greenfield Drive
City: Union City
County: Obion
State: TN
Zip: 38261
Square Footage: 105,000
Acreage: 40
Railroad: Canadian National
Loading Dock: 10 docks; 2 drive in doors
Ceiling Height: 26'
Floor Thickness:
Sale Price:
Lease Price:


Interstate: I-69
Distance To Interstate: adjacent
Highway: Highway 51
Distance To Highway: adjacent
Port: Port of Cates Landing
Distance To Port: 36 miles
Airport: Memphis International Airport
Distance To Airport: 125 miles


Natural Gas: Atmos Energy; 4" main
Electric: Union City Electric System; 13 kv
Water: City of Union City Water & Sewer Department; 10" main
Waste Water: City of Union City Water & Sewer Department; 10" main
Telecom: Union City Electric System

More Information About Obion County

Population: 30,578
High School Graduates 337
Labor Force: 12,420
Unemployment: 570
Unemployment Rate: 4.6%
County Website: County Website
County Demographics: Download
County Worker Flow: Download

Labor Shed Data For Obion County

County 2016 Population 2015-2016 HS Graduates October Labor Force October Unemployed October Unemployment Rate
Dyer 37,708 428 16,680 650 3.9%
Fulton, KY 6,385 35 2,078 159 7.7%
Gibson 49,401 554 21,460 800 3.7%
Hickman, KY 4,745 48 1,897 116 6.1%
Lake 7,560 51 1,870 70 3.8%
Obion 30,578 337 12,420 570 4.6%
Weakley 33,507 294 15,740 730 4.6%
New Madrid, MO 18,365 188 7,650 317 4.1%

Other Buildings in Obion County

Building Name Square Footage City County
Troy Spec Building #3 20,000 Troy Obion
Searcy Building 129,056 Union City Obion
Sherwood Drive Building 66,000 Union City Obion

Other Sites in Obion County

Site Name Certified Acreage City County
South Fulton Industrial Park 55 South Fulton Obion
Northwest Tennessee Regional Industrial Center WTIA Certified Deal Ready WTIA Certified 486 Union City Obion
Troy Industrial Site 12 Troy Obion

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