Dynamic Speculative Building

Dynamic Speculative Building

Dynamic Speculative Building in {county_name}County


The Virtual Speculative Building concept is a design driven, visually presented planning process. The concept revolves around three main incentives: Lower capital investment, expedited launch for construction, and higher visibility in marketing efforts. A lower initial investment is the most appreciable benefit as the cost of developing a Virtual Building is approximately 1% of the cost to build. Design and planning are the main focus of the concept. This includes a schematic set of design drawings, permitting, and budgeting to reduce risk to potential prospects and provide an expedited launch for construction. This level of preparedness means prospects have a higher confidence level in the community. Lastly, because the building is virtually constructed, the program offers marketing options similar to having a real building onsite. These options include the ability to show the client a virtual walk through of the building, site photos, and testimonial videos that attract public involvement within the community.

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Building Details

Address 3910 Greenfield Drive
City: Union City
County: Obion
State: TN
Zip: 38261
Square Footage: 105,000
Acreage: 40
Railroad: Canadian National
Loading Dock: 10 docks; 2 drive in doors
Ceiling Height: 26'
Floor Thickness:
Sale Price:
Lease Price:


Interstate: I-69
Distance To Interstate: adjacent
Highway: Highway 51
Distance To Highway: adjacent
Port: Port of Cates Landing
Distance To Port: 36 miles
Airport: Memphis International Airport
Distance To Airport: 125 miles


Natural Gas: Atmos Energy; 4" main
Electric: Union City Electric System; 13 kv
Water: City of Union City Water & Sewer Department; 10" main
Waste Water: City of Union City Water & Sewer Department; 10" main
Telecom: Union City Electric System

More Information About Obion County

Population: 30,578
High School Graduates 326
Labor Force: 12,120
Unemployment: 590
Unemployment Rate: 4.9%
County Website: County Website
County Demographics: Download
County Worker Flow: Download

Labor Shed Data For Obion County

County 2016 Population 2016-2017 HS Graduates March Labor Force March Unemployed March Unemployment Rate
Dyer 37,708 471 16,110 750 4.7%
Fulton, KY 6,385 35 2,045 122 6.0%
Gibson 49,401 613 21,520 930 4.3%
Hickman, KY 4,745 48 1,750 114 6.5%
Lake 7,560 51 1,830 100 5.2%
Obion 30,578 326 12,120 590 4.9%
Weakley 33,507 327 15,960 620 3.9%
New Madrid, MO 18,365 188 7,828 468 6.0%

Other Buildings in Obion County

Building Name Square Footage City County
Troy Spec Building #3 20,000 Troy Obion

Other Sites in Obion County

Site Name Certified Acreage City County
Troy Industrial Site 12 Troy Obion

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